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71 Sports 65cm Gym ball - yoga ball- Exercise Ball -
PKR 1,150.00

Help to isolate specific muscle groups while training. Improves balance and coordination. Gripping ridges provide extra traction. Heavy construction with a durable non slip surface. Great fo..

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71 Sports 85cm Gym ball - yoga ball- Exercise Ball
PKR 1,470.00PKR 1,050.00

Fitness balls are extremely versatile and inexpensive exercise tools that can be used to work out nearly every muscle group in the body. They can be used to improve your posture, core streng..

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71 Sports Cardio Workout Indoor Exercise Bike
PKR 9,999.00PKR 8,999.00

Enjoy the comfort and pleasure of fitness training exercise nowGreat indoor cardio workout equipment for cycling loversEasy & convenient to use with adjustable height and handlebar angle..

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71 Sports Elliptical Exercise Bike with Arm Exercise - 140 kg
PKR 24,850.00

Are you looking to lose those extra pounds but don’t have the time to hit the gym? Well don’t you worry anymore! Bring the gym to your home by acquiring Slim Line Exercise Bike! The bike con..

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71 Sports Jump Rope for exercise Sold out
71 Sports Jump Rope for exercise
PKR 240.00

A skipping rope is a tool used in the sport of jump rope where one or more participants jump over a rope swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. There are multiple sub..

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71 Sports Wrist Exerciser
PKR 499.00

71 Sports now brings you a portable and small wrist exercise equipment. Now get yourself this equipment and get yourself the perfect fit..

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71 sports Yoga Mat-Multicolor
PKR 850.00PKR 699.00

Be it yoga, be it any other workout, this Yoga & Gym Training Mat is an ideal way to serve all. It is easily fold-able and very comfortable. The size is good enough to support your ..

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